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Freelancing Software Developer (mainly iOS) with 10+ years experience in mobile iOS development and 20+ years experience in server-site software development, operations, systems architect and technical project management.

Profound knowledge in development, conception, architecture and going-live with mobile iOS App.

I have known information technology project business for many years as an IT consultant, system analyst, mobile app creator and Java expert. I have been responsibly involved in the development of innovative IT solutions of well-known companies. My experience ranges from conception and implementation as far as support and tuning of intensively visited internet applications. Besides software development, my main focuses are communication and coordination among customers, development team, hosting companies and other technical associates. Due to my work experience I had an excellent knowledge of CoreMedia's Content Management System (until 2015). Since 2009 I mainly develop iOS Apps, but I am always looking left and right.

I have worked for startups as well as for corporations. I have experienced agile transitions in companies multiple times. Since 2013 most of my projects follow the Scrum project management method (some followed Kanban).

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Own Published Apps

Years of iOS Experience


Years of Experience


  • Feb 2023


    iOS Developer

    New App: Swift, SwiftUI, KMP

  • Oct 2022
    Jan 2023


    iOS Developer

    Enhancements of Audio Player for three Radio Apps

  • Nov 2021
    Sep 2022


    iOS Developer

    New App: Swift, KMP

  • Oct 2020
    Oct 2021



    Operation of Java based Finance Plattform

    Jan 2021

    Children Sleep Trainer

    Release of App

    App for younger children without an understanding of time. See App Store for more information.

  • Jan 2020
    Oct 2020


    Backend Developer

    Ongoing Java Backend Development and new Micro Services: Spring

  • Sep 2019
    Dec 2019


    iOS Developer

    Enhancements of Ride Pooling App (initially written by me end of 2014): Swift

  • May 2019
    AUG 2019


    Server-side Swift (Vapor)

    New server: Usage of some AWS services

  • Sep 2018
    Apr 2019


    iOS Developer

    Rebuild app in Swift: Swinject, RxSwift

    Sep 2018

    iPad Conference Room Booking Display

    Release of Version 2

    Visit www.ipad-conference-room-booking-display.com for information of the app

  • Feb 2018
    Aug 2018

    Creative Agency (Health Insurance)

    iOS Developer

    New App: React Native, Apple Health, Google Fit

    Feb 2018

    Vibration Detection

    Release of App

    App for vibration detection in cars. Watch the following video for more information.

  • Oct 2016
    Jan 2018

    Creative Agency

    iOS Developer and Architect

    Multiple Apps (ongoing development and new apps) in the health insurance sector

  • Mar 2016
    Sep 2016

    Startup: Ride Pooling

    iOS Developer

    Enhancements of Ride Pooling App (initially written by me end of 2014): Swift

  • Jan 2015
    Feb 2016

    News Publisher

    DevOps and Systems Architect

    Migration of Hosting Environment during 24/7 Operation for a General-Interest-Site in the DevOps team: CoreMedia CMS 7, Chef, Docker

    Apr 2015

    Home Automation

    Watch App Extension

    Release of an Apple Watch App on date of appearance: details on watchaware.com


    Further Projects

    On Request

    Visit the Apple App Store for a full list of my own published apps.

    Feb 2009

    Das CoreMedia CMS (book)




    Start of Self Employment


  • 1994

    Berufsakademie Berlin

    für technische Informatik (BA)

    Graduated Engineer
    for technical Computer Engineering
    University: dual study with Alcatel SEL AG